Dr. Alisa Kammafoo


Dr. Alisa Kammafoo, Senior Researcher

SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd, Thailand

Title: Hybrid-Bioscrubber technology, a smart solution for VOCs and Odor treatment

Abstract: In many production processes, whenever turning raw materials to products there are unavoidable to release some wastes to the environment. In SCG by Circular Economy policy, we try to minimize and recycle those wastes as best as possible. For a small portion of them, such as VOCs and Odor emission, we have our own develop technology, so called “Hybrid-Bio-scrubber technology” to relieve the environmental problem. The design of the system is not fixed but it will be adjustable to each of location of VOC’s source. The overall configuration will be comprised of 3 units i.e. Pre-treatment, Bio-scrubber, and Post treatment. We also concern for the secondary waste water that would be generated from the bio-scrubber unit, so we have plug-in an additional unit of “Constructed Wetlands” to treat the waste water and recycling back to be used as the fresh water to the system. By this concept, it would be said that the technology is completely environmental friendly solution of the world.

Biography: Dr. Alisa Kammafoo obtained her Doctoral of Chemical Engineering King Mongkut University of Technology, Thailand.  Her professional career in Green Technology and Advance Separation was built and strengthen in past 15 years working with SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd. in researcher career path.  The scope of  Dr. Alisa Kammafoo's  work including:

- Design and commercialization a process for slurry phase separation for recovery hexane from foul-hexane.

- Design process for a separation of hexane from C6 mixtures.

- Select solvent, design process and commercialization the EB-X technology for mixed-xylenes separation

- Design process and commercialization for the Bio-scrubber technology for VOC treatment

- Design process and commercialization for the SALSA technology for recovery of mixed-salts from caustic wastewater

- Design adsorbent for various impurities treatment from hydrocarbon streams