Call for Abstracts

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Energy, water, food, health & wellbeing are the current and future grand challenges of the world. Chemical Engineering together with Materials Engineering contributes immensely to these grand challenges and is fundamental to the economic and social prosperity of the world. The  modern  society  relies  on  the  work  of Chemical Engineers and Materials Engineers who develop and design the processes that make the useful products for the society by efficient use and management of resources including oil & gas, water and energy while controlling health and safety procedures and protecting the environment. While chemical engineers are involved in creating everything from health care products (face creams, shampoo, perfume, drugs) to food (dairy products, cereals, agro-chemicals) and  water  (desalination  for  freshwater)  to  energy  (petroleum to nuclear fuels), the materials engineers are involved in developing high added value functional materials, targeted for automotive, food packaging, electronics, energy devices, medical and biomedical products, and sustainable recycled materials. 

The 3rd International Conference on Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering (ICFMCE 2019) aims to bring together Chemical Engineers and Materials Engineers in a single platform and present their stimulating research and knowledge transfer ideas in both Chemical Engineering and Functional Materials. However, we also recognise that the future for engineers is one where they will be working in interdisciplinary teams to  solve  new, complex and evolving problems that will require innovative solutions. Therefore, we encourage participation of other disciplines in this conference where multidisciplinary research and knowledge transfer projects are presented.

ICFMCE 2019 will be held at the conference hall of Chulalongkorn University – the conference will start with a reception on 15 December followed by two full days of technical sessions consisting of plenary lectures, keynote lectures, oral presentations and poster presentations. ICFMCE 2019 is jointly hosted by Chulalongkorn University, PSE for SPEED Company and IASED.

The ICFMCE 2019 accepts following topics(but not limited):

  1. 1. Functional materials applied in energy, water, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals

  2. 2. Design and/or application of nano materials, membranes, adsorbents

  3. 3. Thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria

  4. 4. Reaction engineering and catalysis

  5. 5. Separation engineering

  6. 6. Modelling and optimisation

  7. 7. Process & product synthesis & design

  8. 8. Process operation & control

  9. 9. Process intensification

  10. 10. Waste management – water, solid waste (including food, plastics)

  11. 11. Sustainable development, Carbon Footprint, & environment

  12. 12. Water – water chemistry, desalination, nano and ultra-filtration

  13. 13. Energy – renewable energy, Fuel Cell, energy storage, hydro-treatment

  14. 14. Smart manufacturing & Big data